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We are a network of virtual forums dedicated to discussing the most important topics, trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping businesses today. Our mission is to leverage our collective experiences, insights, and perspectives to enhance your business, foster new ideas, and encourage fresh perspectives.

We Confront Challenges

In today’s retail landscape, we face a multitude of opportunities and challenges. From emerging competitors and unexpected trends to shifting legislation and disruptive technologies, we delve into it all and freely share this vital information with you.

We Find Solutions

Think of us as your business’s GPS, guiding you from where you are to where you want to be. We provide the opportunity for you to follow in the footsteps of those who have traversed similar paths before, learning from their experiences along the way.

We Share Knowledge

Sharing Today to Shape Tomorrow reflects VGN’s mission to keep you informed through our free Vision Reports about our dynamic world, enabling you to anticipate future trends, events, and disruptions more effectively. 

Convenience Leaders Vision Group

Convenience Leaders Vision Group


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Convenience Technology Vision Group

Convenience Technology Vision Group


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The Vision Group

The Vision Group


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Electric Vehicles Vision Group (evVG) coming Fall 2024! More details coming soon.

Facing the Future Together

Why We Exist

We invite industry leaders to meet virtually, once a quarter, to discuss, debate, and share experiences and ideas for the betterment of all. Our goal is not conformity but problem-solving and forward-thinking. We make these discussions and perspectives accessible to everyone, through our presentations and acclaimed free Vision Reports.

Expand your vision

Our VGN members are visionaries who contemplate the future with imagination, curiosity and wisdom.

Our Vision Reports were created for individuals like you, empowering you to remain informed about local or global developments to better anticipate forthcoming trends, events, and disruptions.

Ideas and Perspectives

The fusion of diverse perspectives, real-world experiences, and collaborative exchanges during virtual VGN meetings equips you with invaluable insights and actionable strategies. These resources enable you to gain a deeper understanding of current challenges, identify solutions, and capitalize on business opportunities.

Vision Reports

The insights gathered from our meetings are shared with everyone through our extensive collection of Vision Reports.

These reports offer clarity on current business challenges, potential remedies, and emerging opportunities.

Be In the Room

Each Vision Report's "In The Room" transcript fully captures the nuanced dynamics of opinions and ideas, serving as a catalyst for your own innovative solutions and action plans.

We're disruptinghow business experiences are shared with you

Our Mission

As our mission is Sharing Today to Shape Tomorrow, we are an open information resource accessible to all, guided by the principle that "a rising tide lifts all boats." We believe in harnessing the collective wisdom of the best and brightest minds to support both you and your organization. 


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Free Vision Reports

Why VGN Stands out

That’s easy. We prioritize being informative, transparent, and accessible.


Leading subject matter experts join our members in robust discussions, providing not only expert views but also real-world experiences. These firsthand insights allow you to understand what worked, and what didn’t, and evaluate what it means for your business.


VGN Vision Reports’ transparency is unparalleled. We offer full transcripts of meetings, allowing you to track the progress of ideas and understand the nuances of the comments. By knowing who is speaking, you can compare their company’s experiences with your own.


Our commitment to sharing information drives our accessibility. We provide free downloads of Vision Reports to the public and present our content at conferences and seminars. With our Vision Reports, you can access detailed information at no cost to you or your colleagues.

Latest Vision Reports from VGN


CLVG Envisioning Sustainability in Convenience Store Design

This Vision Report features a presentation by Michael Sansolo, research director with the Coca‑Cola Retailing Research, Convenience, and Supermarket Councils who shares insights from a recent CCRRC study on attracting and retaining workers in the convenience retailing sector.

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CTVG Fighting for Tomorrow’s Customers

CTVG's 6th virtual meeting featured a presentation by Tim Tang, director of business technologists at Hughes. This Vision Report provides a thoughtful look into the future of technology in retail and the convenience sector. The CTVG group also explored the future and current state of convenience retail and how that will impact tomorrow's fight for customers.

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TVG Loosening the Tight Labor Market

This TVG Vision Report features a presentation by Michael Sansolo, research director with the Coca‑Cola Retailing Research, Convenience, and Supermarket Councils, sharing insights from a recent CCRRC study shedding light on attracting and retaining workers in the convenience retailing sector.

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What VGNmembers say:

Robert Hampton

Jackson’s Food StoresVP Technology Services & Innovation

Raymond Huff

HJB Corp.President


Myra Kressner

Founder, Kressner Strategy Group
With over 40 years knowledge and experience cultivated by strong relationships, Myra Kressner brings value to the marketplace by developing and facilitating strategic engagement for suppliers and retailers in the consumable retail industries.

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Eva Strasburger

President, StrasGlobal
CEO, Compliance Safe
Eva Strasburger, brings an international perspective to everything she does. For the last thirty years, has provided operational and infrastructure support and management consulting to retail operators.

Learn More About Eva
Roy Strasburger

Roy Strasburger

CEO, StrasGlobal
President, Compliance Safe
Roy Strasburger is an expert in convenience retailing and a thought leader in the retail industry. He is a frequent columnist, conference presenter, and webinar and podcast participant.

Learn More About Roy