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The Vision Group Network (VGN) brings together, in virtual group meetings, great minds and leaders from all parts of the retail and foodservice industries to create a knowledge base consisting of solutions and innovative ideas.  The mixture of perspectives, real world experiences and collaboration during VGN meetings provides valuable insights and actionable programs that allow its members to maximize their business opportunities.

Today’s retail landscape provides an abundance of opportunities and challenges that will affect every business.  Trends, competitors, legislation, disruptors and new technologies all lie in wait, with many options. Success is based upon choosing the right path. Seeing what is in front of you, around the corner, or over the horizon is key.

Think of VGN as the GPS for a retail business – helping you envision how to get from where you are to where you want to go.

The Vision Group Network’s mission is to share our members’ knowledge and innovative ideas within the retail and foodservice communities, following the premise that “a rising tide raises all boats” – if it helps the industry, it will help you.

About Vision Group Network

Founders Myra Kressner, Eva Strasburger, and Roy Strasburger created the original The Vision Group (TVG) in 2020 to anticipate industry disruptions and share strategies with members.  TVG was modeled on StrasGlobal’s experience providing their COVID-19 Response Plan for the c-store industry.

In order to delve deeply into the common issues facing retailers, TVG was followed by the creation of the Convenience Leaders Vision Group (CLVG) in November 2022. The Convenience Technology Vision Group (CTVG) will join the network in March 2023. Additional Vision Groups are in development to begin their quarterly virtual meetings late 2023 and 2024.


Ideas and perspectives from Vision Group meetings will be available to everyone through a series of Vision Reports, intended to help retailers, suppliers and industry affiliates understand current challenges, solutions, and opportunities, regardless of the size of their business.

Each Vision Report is comprised of two parts:

Views provides an overview of the conversation during each group’s virtual meeting, with additional research for extra context — something that cannot be done in real time.  It provides you a “quick hit” of ideas and discussion points that shows you what is on the mind of today’s leaders.

In the Room provides you the entire meeting dialogue so that you can be “in the room” with the group, rather than only reading polished sound bites.  Each conversation is presented in full so you can experience the nuances and observe how the opinions and ideas emerge. You can either dive fully into the discussion or use the included topic keys to just focus on the issues that interest you.

We highly recommend that you read both components.

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Vision Group Network

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