For retailers looking to connect with their consumers in an always-on world, Rovertown’s app platform provides the flexibility needed to deliver personalized, meaningful experiences. Unlike our competitors, Rovertown integrates with any technology vendor and goes the extra step to ensure our clients’ success through best-in-class implementation and support.

Rovertown was originally founded in 2009 with the goal of helping cost-conscious college students across the United States to access the best discounts for local food and services. By eliminating the need to swipe an ID for discounts, the experience was brought to students’ mobile devices in real-time with custom, localized deals.

Rovertown’s business has since grown and evolved, but the humble beginnings taught the team the power of personalized experiences delivered through high-quality, branded apps. The Rovertown app platform now powers the mobile experiences of many leading regional convenience retailers.


Jeffry Harrison, Co-Founder & President