CTVG Convenience Retailing Vision Report

IN FOCUS: A CTVG Conversation with POS Solution Providers

Vol 4. November 2023

A Convenience Technology Vision Group Special Breakout Session

This special report focuses on the October 2023 breakout session of the Convenience Technology Vision Group (CTVG). The breakout was requested by CTVG members during their regularly scheduled September 2023 virtual meeting to address questions raised about point-of-sales (POS) systems. CTVG members and five invited POS solution providers convened for a dialogue and exchange of ideas on the challenges and opportunities with POS systems specific to convenience and fuel retail.

Vision Report CTVG Conversation with POS solution providers

The main topics in this CTVG Vision Report include:

  • POS Decoupling
  • Major Oil Companies
  • Foodservice as the Future
  • The Unique Needs of Independent Operators
  • Integration Challenges

Keeping with the format of other CTVG Vision Reports, this one contains “CTVG Views” which provides a meeting summary and is followed by “In The Room With CTVG” which presents the full meeting transcript.

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