Vision Report CTVG EV Charging Infrastructure

CTVG Convenience Retailing Vision Report:

CTVG Unraveling the Road to EV Charging Infrastructure

Vol 2. July 2023

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The Vision Report is based on the group’s June 2, 2023 meeting focused on EV charging infrastructure opportunity for convenience retail. Understanding the complexity around timing, the role of utility companies and government funding programs is key.

Read the “Views” for thought-provoking perspectives on EV charging infrastructure from CTVG members and John Gartner, senior director of transparency and insights at the Center for Sustainable Energy.

Take the time to absorb the nuggets of insights and questions shared “In the Room”, the full transcript of the dialogue as it occurred, and access “C-Store EV Charging” slide deck for actionable data points from the Center for Sustainable Energy’s Caret forecasting tool.


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