CLVG’s April 18, 2024 quarterly virtual meeting featured a presentation by James Owens, vice president of retail architecture, and Aksel Solberg, development design studio lead, both from HFA Architecture and Engineering, on practical solutions for sustainable construction practices including cost-effective strategies while enhancing operational efficiency.

The discussion emphasized the balance between sustainability and return on investment, weighing the ROI of sustainability efforts and the potential for long-term gains through energy savings and incentives. Additionally, there was a consensus on the importance of honest communication and the risks associated with greenwashing.


The main topics in this CLVG Vision Report include:

  • Sustainability in Convenience Store Design
  • A Balancing Act for Sustainability vs. ROI
  • The 80/20 Rule and Customer Opinion
  • Telling the Sustainability Story and Greenwashing

Plus, Lightning Round update from the January CLVG meeting regarding c-stores becoming an employer of choice for job seekers.